Shameless promoting

I posted about this on march 5th you can see the post here : Big charity bike ride

For a quick recap, on April 14th my mum and dad started a charity motor bike ride that spans 1839 miles over 7 days. Well they are finally on day 7.

I am posting again because I am shamelessly promoting it and really want people to donate! They have done so well and I am so proud of them! so please donate and share this out there!

Facebook – you can read up on more of what they have done and see how their bike ride went (and donate)

Sponsor Me – you can also donate here and read up on some more information about the event and the charities they are doing this whole thing for!


Scotland for the weekend..

On Friday (15th January), I travelled up to Glasgow to go and visit a friend who moved up there this summer.

It was great but the journey up there and back was absolutely hectic.
My Travel There
I departed Liverpool at half past 1 in the afternoon, and got into Preston at half past 2
Then had a 15 minute wait before I could get my next train, so did the sensible thing and got myself a large coffee!
I then departed Preston at twenty to 3, and got into Carlisle at ten to 4.
Unfortunately this train was delayed so instead of having a nice 20 minute break before my next train to go the toilet and have a quick smoke I had to rush to my next train…but wait, it wasn’t a train, due to the floods a bridge had been damaged which meant that I had to get a 2 hour coach from Carlisle to Glasgow central. Fantastic.

Finally arriving after a very long 5-hour journey I met up with my friend who I haven’t seen properly for some time.

In Scotland

Next day, we had plans to go out with her mum who was going to take us round various places so I could see Scotland as I have never been before, super exciting!!
Then as me and my friend were getting ready, it started snowing…YES…SNOWING. It was just the most exciting thing ever, I haven’t seen snow in about 5 years so I felt like a big kid. After travelling around for a bit, and seeing some beautiful scenery, the snow got progressively heavier. This in turn led to “a bump in the road”. We ended up skidding in the snow in the car and crashing into a wall, it damaged the car quite badly but luckily everyone was unhurt apart from some small bruising from the seatbelt. After getting the car road worthy again we made our way back home. Where me and my friend just chilled for the night and had a few drinks. Standard but awesome.

On the Sunday we woke up and decided that we had to do something and couldn’t just stay in all day. Firstly, we were going to go to a castle right by where she lives, after about an hour of trying to figure out how to get there we had a plan. Then whilst getting ready we were just casually talking and the conversation turned to piercings, we didn’t go to the castle in the end. We went to somewhere just outside of Glasgow and each got a new pericing. I got the Monroe/Madonna (not sure which side is which) and she got the medusa. It was just hilarious. We then just came home and did the same thing, hung out, had a few drinks and chilled out.

Then come Monday I have to travel home. After a wander round Glasgow, and taking a cheesy tourist picture next to a Doctor Who police phone box thing. I had to get the coach.

My Travel Home

Starting off with the coach, departing Glasgow central at 5 past 4, I travelled for 2 hours by coach arriving in Carlisle at just gone 6.
Then my next train, from Carlisle to Wigan, That took a total of 2 and a half hours.
It was then I had to run from one train to the next as I had a total of 5 minutes to catch it..I didn’t make it, due to the train I was on being delayed massively, so I had to wait an hour before I could catch my next one. Finally on it I get into Liverpool at half 9, then home by 10pm.

My friend then came over to mine to chill out and I just drank wine and we hung out until we went to sleep. Was great, and I always sleep really well with him there.