Bad eating habits, electronics and assignments…

It seems to slowly be becoming a problem for me again. When I was younger I really struggled with eating and developed bulimia. And it was very difficult. I barely ate at all, or I would just eat everything I could manage until I was physically sick.

Today all I have eaten, and all I am planning on eating are a few chocolate coins. Even that feels like too much. I have a plan though, on Wednesday, I am going to go out to a restaurant and eat with a friend. This is after I get my hair cut so I will feel better..

Also, as well as college, I am going to be going to a second hand electronics store and get my self a external hard drive! I need one so badly, the memory on this laptop is awful so I am limited as to what I can actually save on it.

Plus, I have an old laptop that I still use but is on its way out, and I just have so much on there that I need to save…and soon!!

Talking of college, I have 2 overdue assignments, I just never did them. With Scotland I never did work up there and its now a week later and I am no closer to finishing them. I fucked up again. It seems the only way I can work is last minute and in a panic…