Exercise and Depression

According to most internet searches about natural remedies for depression .. Exercise is one of them. It may because those who reported an improvement in their depression was because theirs stemmed from a self image problem, or because it helped them leave the house. We may never properly know whether or not exercise will actually help with depression…but whats the harm in giving it a go?

I thought I might as well, it cost £13.99 a month, and I was lucky enough to join with just a £1 joining fee, so admittedly, I wouldn’t have joined if it had been its normal £20, but there we go. Small miracles.

I started just before Christmas, about a week in fact, and I made it my mission to go every day. Not because I wanted to get fit quickly (even if that would be nice) but it was to get my self confidence up, so I could feel comfortable in the gym.

Its not a fact I hide, but I am over weight, and I am not very confident in my own skin, even if that is the persona I exude, I am deeply uncomfortable and essentially hate my self. Which is never a good thing to happen. But here we are, so I deal with it.

Anyway, back to the gym, I went everyday but Monday and Saturday (Christmas Eve) and I even had a personal training session. Which was brilliant because it helped me figure out exactly what will work for me, and I will have a plan, so I know what I need to do to help me get fit and back to I a place in which I feel comfortable with myself.

I get 2 more free sessions, then I will have to start paying every time I want one, I don’t think it will be too much, And the lady I am trained with seems really lovely. And really helped me feel okay with the fact I couldn’t do very much.

I get the exercise helps release endorphins which helps you feel better, whether or not it will help my depression remains to be seen. But lets find out shall we?