Lauren Michela Bowles
Liverpool – England
Bipolar II, Depression, Anxiety, Bulimia, Borderline Personality Disorder

Televison: Sherlock, Doctor Who, American Dad, Simpsons, Family Guy, Documentaries, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Modern Family, Mindy Project, Hawaii Five-0, Downton Abbey, Archer, The Office (US), Parks and Rec, Community…etcc

Films: The Hobbit Trilogy, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Most Chick Flicks, Harry Potter Series are the main ones.

They usually change quite often as my attention span is quite small, but its very difficult to find a film I haven’t watched because I am just a massive film nerd!

Naturally Blonde – Currently red
12 Tattoos and counting

Currently single and using the dating app Tinder…Its really awful :’) But I have met some great people on there

I have 1 cats, 1 boy (Domino). He is black and white. He is an indoor cat as I live in a flat and it is impossible for him to leave the flat safely, plus I live on a main road so even if I could let him out I wouldn’t (and by main road I mean one that has traffic jams)

I adore reading books, it is my favourite pass time. I can speed read and can just devour a book in hours if I really wanted to. I spend a lot of time in the library just reading because it makes me feel safe and happy. I can escape into the pages of the books and live a different life, enter different worlds. I do not have a favourite book, I literally cannot pick something, I have read hundreds of books some more than once.Reading is my passion along with writing. Maybe one day I will write a book that is published. Got to have dreams.

As well as reading, I play the violin. I only have a couple of grades because I had to stop when my GCSE’s rolled around. I needed to focus all my attention on them. But eventually I picked it back up again. I am a little rusty…but still, you have to start somewhere.


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