Late night productivity

This is one of my least favourite things. Its 11pm, and I am feeling so productive, that tomorrow I will get loads done, start of those chores that need doing, this to do lists that I have had for just forever.

Yet I know all to well how that productivity fades once I fall to sleep. Its like that as the hours pass, it seeps away like a slow puncture in a tire.

I want so badly to do these things that I have put off, to be that functioning adult that I know I can be.

I probably partly do it to myself, by saying “oh this will be gone by tomorrow” setting my self up to fail. I cannot help it, past experience makes me sceptical.

I will always try to be this productive adult that can do chores and other adult things, but it feels like it is always just out of reach, as if I am reaching out and brushing it with my finger tips, grazing it. It is so close, yet so far as they say.

I give myself goals, realistic goals, yet even those seem impossible.




One thought on “Late night productivity

  1. I totally resonate with this. I often get that late night switch going on off so much productivity and then flop the next day. I don’t know what to say, there is no magic switch. Maybe establish a firm sleep schedule or review your medication? I’ve started some and I feel so much closer to being functional than I ever was before… Good luck!

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