Battling the wind, mentally and physically

Its well known that those with anxiety have an issue with “unexpected loud noises” – ¬†fireworks, thunder, large crowds etc.. Well for me, I hate all of those things, yet the one I hate the most is wind. Wind terrifies me.

Sound off, well let me explain. The physical act of wind is fine, I can walk around in it everyday if I so wished (and there was wind available to walk around in). What I have the issue with is, that in my flat, I have a skylight in my bedroom, which isn’t as awesome as you’d think. This skylight is old. This skylight rattles. Now imagine what happens when a storm comes flying through the UK.

Currently, the UK is experiencing what we are calling “Storm Doris”. Well, storm Doris can go fuck itself.

It has been classed as a weather bomb, not something you really want to be around for particularly, this storm is also recording up to 100mph winds. Public transport has been stopped in places, certain areas are closed off due to the high winds, and in the north it has caused what the UK would class as blizzards.

Now picture having anxiety, with a serious hate for winds and the noise it causes. Now picture me. I had to leave my home, just to get away from the wind. This sounds ridiculous I know, but the noise of the skylight rattling so furiously was sending me into severe panic.

I am pretty convinced that I will go home and not have a skylight anymore, just a gaping hole where it used to reside. This would be a complete pain, as that would then require someone coming into my home, which I do not feel comfortable with. It really is a nightmare situation.

As I write this, it is late morning, the storm or at least the strong winds will continue well into the evening. I am actually living a nightmare.

But for now, I will remain cooped up in a coffee shop, where the only noises are that of light conversation, furious typing and the occasional coffee being made. And for now that suits me just fine.