Can anyone else feel themselves being annoying?

Because I can.

I can feel myself just saying simple things and knowing that people have just had enough of me talking.

I am trying to be nice. I am trying to let my dad know that he doesn’t have to stay awake because I am awake. But I just feel like I am annoying when I say anything. Its awful and soul crushing.

I feel like I can’t stop.

I need validation.

I want to connect with my family.

It makes me sad that I feel like the ultimate black sheep.

I don’t really know what to do. I am just being myself and it feels like I and an irritant and an annoying. Goodbye self confidence. They are my parents and I don’t even feel comfortable half the time. It sucks!

Edit: Has anyone ever said something, then told themselves to just shut up because their opinions are “invalid”?



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