Is it possible to actually enjoy taking medication for mental illness?

Because, for some reason, I am.

Sertraline 50mg
Promazine 50mg

The sertraline helps with my anxiety and depression and the promazine helps with the mood disorders and sleep.

The promazine if the first of that kind of type that actually helps me sleep, that doesn’t give me horrific restless leg syndrome. Its fabulous. It actually makes me happy to sleep. So for that reason, I actually enjoy taking it.

I do have a very strange side effect though…

Every morning when I wake up, for about 30 seconds, I shake uncontrollably. Its bizarre, I can’t help it, but I just roll with it anyway.

Despite it though, I do genuinely enjoy taking it.

Only issue, I am not allowed to really drink on these medications, but I do anyway. I mean, as I type this, I am sat in the living room drinking spiced rum and coke. Which is just delicious by the way.

It doesn’t affect me massively, just makes me more drowsy than normal, yet I take the medication at night just before bed anyway so it doesn’t make a huge difference. I think possibly if I had to take them in the morning, I wouldn’t drink as much but considering they have to be taken at night, I will drink away!

Ive rambled slightly, but the whole point is that I enjoy taking my medication, I think it is really helping…as much as medication can.



8 thoughts on “Medication

    1. Hey! I tried 100mg of sertraline but it made me sick :(. But yes! All I have is weird dreams!! People always question my dreams, but to me they are normal, because I’ve been on it for like 7 years haha!!


      1. Oh really? Yeah it’s weird! I don’t know someone on sertraline who doesn’t have strange dreams. Mine aren’t very pleasant though, I have to say-they’re more nightmares than anything else x


  1. I’ve recently started medication! It was quite a shock how much it helped considering all the ‘warnings’ I’d heard against psychiatric medication. I’m so happy to take them, it helps so so much! Thanks for speaking out about this x)

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