I’m here if you need to talk..

Just a simple sentence but to me it is so powerful.

It’s a simple gesture, that anyone can utter, no matter how well you know them. But it reveals that small ounce of humanity and ability to care that most of the time I think doesn’t exist.

The person saying it could know everything that you’ve been through, or they could just think you’ve had a bad day. It doesn’t matter, the thought behind it is just such a wonderful thing.

They want you to be okay, they want you to know you aren’t alone, even if they don’t know you very well, they want you to know these things.

For me, just that sentence being said can make me feel better, give me a little hope, and get me through the next day/week/month. 

Words are such powerful things, and I think we forget that. They have the power to kill and to heal, and we definitely take them for granted at times, not realising the affect they have on others. 

So when someone utters that simple sentence, it is probably done without thought, but just as a kind and impulsive gesture. And that makes me incredibly happy.


3 thoughts on “I’m here if you need to talk..

    1. Yeah, it is definitely easier to talk to someone who understands, but when people who don’t really get it but still try to help the best they can, even with just saying I’m here if you need to talk, is equally as comforting (for me anyway) because it shows they do care, and want to help. Which at times is just what you need, the awareness that there are people who care

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      1. Totally agree. Just knowing someone understands you’re down even if they don’t have the right words is helpful. Even a silent friend just being by your side can be the best therapy.

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