Self help handbag

People always talk about anxiety, and ways to help your self calm down when you are at home. But what about when you are out? What happens then? Usually those anxiety self help kits are too bulky, too conspicuous, just over all a bit much, and you cannot take them out. 

Well I’ve created my own, that I can take with me, that fits in most hand bags (like I am sure many people have done before me).

Obviously, everyone is different, and everyone has their own things that “calm them down”, so this is just a snippet into what helps me :).

In a small pouch (as to keep it together and accessible) I keep:

hand sanitizer

•hand cream

•a small notepad and pen


•my inhaler

•a small tangle

Now for me, keeping my hands busy grounds me. So rubbing them together using 2 substances gives me something to concentrate on, calming me, and bringing me round to the present. A notepad, because I like to note down my attack, maybe what caused it, help me identify triggers, because anxiety is about learning, to help your self. The vaporub again is to ground me, I smell something that I associate with calm. My inhaler because if the attack gets too bad, then my breathing is compromised so it is just logic. And a tangle, that is for the same reason as the hand cream etc, it keeps my hands busy and gives me something to focus on and again ground me.

The pouch isn’t fancy, it’s only simple, but for me it is a god damn life saver, and has prevented a severe anxiety/panic attack from happening, so far. I am of course not saying that it is a cure, because it’s too unpredictable for that. But damn does it help!


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