So apparently I’m asthmatic 

I had a bog standard childhood of illnesses, asthma being one of them.

It was extremely severe, I had to use the spacer, and I can remember being taken out of classes so I could use the inhaler.

Then of course, there was the nightly coughing, when I would cough so hard and frequently that I would constantly throw up in my sleep. My parents because masters at bathing me, changing me and the sheets, and putting me back to bed without waking me much so, there is only on instance of memory in which I can recall it happening.

Well over the past 3/4 years, I have been getting persistent and awful chest infections. 9 or 10 a year, and about 5 between October and January. I’m talking coughing for weeks on end, not sleeping, inability to breathe. 

It had serious impacts on my mental health, just being constantly sick and unable to function, and on such a regular basis. I would end up in tears most nights.

I have always been given antibiotics and a blue inhaler. It’s supposedly due to the fact I had asthma as a child.

Well I got another one, and I actually saw my doctor. My oxygen levels were between 85 and 89, and my attempt at blowing on that stupid breathe thing was just pathetic. So instead of getting my usual antibiotics and inhaler, I got a blue and brown inhaler, a course of steroids, a course of antibiotics and an appointment for an asthma check.

I am dubious, it’s seems over the top. But in 4 days, I’m miraculously better, not cured, but compared to what I usually am like after a chest infection, it’s remarkable.

The cough is still present, and if I do anything to strenuous it can cause a coughing fit. But I can breathe, I can sleep. 

So apparently, what I have thought was just a poor immune system is actually asthma. So back to the inhalers I go, whether I like it or not.


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