Stressed is an understatement 

Nothing is worse than moving house. The stress involved is just indescribable.

But no…I have found the worse. Having to move house because of mental health reasons and a neighbour you are scared of. And on top of this, simply not being able to afford it.

From the top, I can no longer live in Liverpool, so much bad stuff has happened here. I need a fresh start. And for me that fresh start is Scotland. I know people who live there so I won’t be alone but I will be out of Liverpool. 

My neighbour is an alcoholic. He drinks and then becomes angry and violent. That mostly becomes targeted at me. It is terrifying. 90% of the time I am scared to leave the house because he waits for me. He stands by his door and waits for me to leave. So I need out of this hell hole.

Now moving costs money. I have no money. It is an awful situation I am in. And I don’t know what to do about it any more. I am stuck in somewhere that is making me physically and mentally sick. 

Being an adult is hard. Being an adult who has to worry about all of this at the age of 22, is harder. 

Coping is becoming more difficult by the day, and survival isn’t something that I can do whilst living here.  


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