Dating, how do I even?

I had a 4 and a half year relationship, I don’t know how to date?!

How do you do it? Because I am just at a loss.

The nerves alone are just beyond intimidating. Meeting someone new, trying to make a good impression.

The thoughts that go through my head are just insane.

Am I dressed okay? Am I underdressed? Am I overdressed? Too much make up? Not enough? Does it make me look slim? Or is it making me resemble something close to a beanbag?

Those are just a few.

Self confidence is a massive component of dating, and that is something I just don’t have. I can fake it, but internally I am screaming, running in circles and curled up in the corner.

Nothing is harder than trying to be someone you aren’t, especially with mental illness. Stress triggers stuff for is stressful. You see my problem!

If anyone has any tips for dating please let me know!


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