Withdrawing myself

I realised today that over the past couple weeks I have started to withdraw my self from society..

I have still posted on social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. And the facade I provide is completely untrue, I show my self as happy, well adjusted, and for the most part “normal” (I don’t believe in the word normal but for this purpose it is accurate)

Away from my social media identity, I am unhappy, not functioning well, over all not in a good place.

Today was the first time I went to college in 2 weeks.. I just could not get myself to set an alarm and get up. I received emails and phone calls but I ignored them all. 

It was today I realised how much I have actually been withdrawing myself from those around me. And honestly, I don’t know how to stop it.

I spend my days in bed, watching a film, playing on my phone and sleeping. It’s a downward spiral and I am not entirely sure how to bring myself back into the world. I just don’t feel comfortable. 

I am quite literally living a nightmare that I cannot wake up from. And it scares me, I’ve been in dark places before, I don’t want to go back


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