Revising to get a grade..not to learn

That is all education has become…You don’t revise to learn things, you revise so you can get a good grade on a test.

The pressure that is put on anyone in education, not just kids, but anyone its absolutely ridiculous! I don’t feel like I am learning anything by taking my whole day to write out pages and pages of notes. It is for the short term. I will never use any of the facts that I am revising ever again in my life. All it is for is so I can get a good grade on a test so it makes my college look good.

I am not okay with that!

I don’t want to be learning something simply for a grade. I don’t want to have so much pressure put on me to get a good grade that I have multiple panic attacks and will avoid going into college. Really that makes things worse, but I feel so bad and overwhelmed by the pressure that I receive that I don’t have any  other options.

Education SHOULD NOT  be just about grades and how well you perform. Obviously there should be some form of marking system, that is how people improve…but I want to get an education so I can learn new things and make my self better as a person.

Right now, in the course I am doing, I don’t think that is my end goal. My end goal is to get a good grade and then get as far away from education as I possibly can. The thought of having to do this all again makes me feel physically drained and sick, I couldn’t do it. Mentally I would not be able to take the stress that is dealt out.

Education needs to be sorted out, perhaps the amount that anxiety disorders has increased in college age students should say something to the state of the system.

Surely I cannot be the only one who thinks this? I just don’t know how to make a stand.. or who to talk to about this who will actually listen and take notice.

Maybe in the future it will become something people enjoy again, but for now, I know for a fact that people are only putting themselves through countless years of education over and over again, because that is what we have been taught to believe is right – I would like a new teacher please!


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