Something I need to start doing again is writing lists. They help me so much, just the structure of them help me function during the day. I used to make all kinds of lists, from detailed shopping lists (for food) as well as shopping lists for standard everyday items I might need. Then of course there was the lists so I don’t forget anything in the morning.

Its organisation that I need to get back into. I am just so bad at it lately and it doesn’t help me at all. I need organisation to function. Which is probably why every now and then I will tidy (and organise) my friend flat..yes…I do that…I will help tidy her flat but I wont tidy mine..It just doesn’t make any sense.

I am definitly going to start, I already have a designated notebook that is only small so I can carry it around with me everywhere easily. It will also help with when I think of blog posts I suppose as well.. Two birds with on stone!



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