My sleeping has been very sporadic lately. The other day I slept for 16 hours, I woke up a couple times but went straight back to sleep. Its just bizarre.

Last night I slept for about 11 hours. And this was straight through. No waking up.

It worries how much I am sleeping, I am going back into old habits and I can feel the depressive episode coming on. Which scares me.

I found an old razor blade earlier and I broke down.I am scared of going back and not being able to come out of it again.

I have asked my friend to come over tonight, just to give me some piece of mind and make me feel safe and secure again.


One thought on “Sleeping…

  1. Good for you for asking a friend over. It’s good to be proactive (I know it’s hard) and try to get ahead of these episodes, including calling doctors and therapists. I know you know that but I’m throwing it out there for good measure. Good luck and big hugs your way.


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