Why University isn’t for me

I started doing an Access Course in September. At the start it was with the end goal of going to university September 2016. I started UCAS, and picking what course I would want to do and well now I am half way through my course and I have decided that it just isn’t for me.

Why you ask? Well…

  1. I simply cannot afford to do that right now. This includes the £20 processing fee that UCAS charges.
  2. I don’t think that personally I am in the right mindset to commit to something that is 3+ years long. My mental health is more important right now and making sure that I am okay and in the best place I can be trumps getting a degree. I can do that any time within the next 5 years. I have time.
  3. I don’t exactly know what I want to actually do in University, there are a few courses that I could possibly do, but I want to do something that I will actually enjoy and want to make a career out of. Not just something generic that I am doing just for the sake of getting a degree because that is what is expected of me.
  4. I think that for me, either getting a job or an intern-ship in the sort of thing I want to do is going to be more beneficial to me in deciding in the type of career I want and whether or not pursuing my hobby as a career is going to be a viable option.
  5. I am limited as to where I can go to University right now. I have commitments where I am that mean I don’t have the options to move out of the city, and maybe in a couple of years I will have that freedom, but right now I don’t

I need to figure things out, and the 6 months you are given to decide your entire life is just bizarre. I need more time. I was out of education for nearly 5 years. I wasn’t thinking about it until I started in September. I had zero idea when I started. And I have zero idea now.

I don’t think anyone should feel pressured to go on to further education if it is not something they are entirely sure they want to do. It is a massive commitment that will put you in thousands of pounds of debt. And to me, doing it just for the sake of getting a degree in something that I may never even use just isn’t a good enough reason.


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