Oh god, its early.

Its 7:30 am. IT should be illegal to be up before the sun. Thank GOD for coffee, I do not


function at a basic human level in the morning without it! I got a coffee machine for Christmas, and it was the best thing ever, just what I needed for these early mornings. Especially as I can program it to start brewing just before I wake up!

I feel rubbish today, I have meetings with my personal tutor today and I really don’t want to have to adult. I just need more sleep. I could barely sleep last night, I think I ended up falling asleep at around 4 am..and considering I woke up at 7 am…That is very little sleep. Again..THANK GOD FOR COFFEE

I finish at 3 pm today though, and I am just coming straight home to nap. Staying awake is going to be hard. But I must persevere.

After and ready to face the world..

The weather isn’t helping today with my mood, its all rainy and dark and I hate it, I hate the cold, and I hate being cold. It just doesn’t agree with me. So basically, so far today I am anxious and in a really low mood. What a great start!

I already cannot wait for this day to be over!





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