It’s been a bust

Not appreciating my eyebrows right now..

Today is simply not my day. I have had zero motivation to do anything, and I desperately need to. That is just to do with college though. On a more adult note I have been slightly productive.

I avoided eviction..always a bonus. Due to various reasons, one of which was a broken door (which has now been fixed) I felt uncomfortable leaving the house. The second (which I shall explain in more detail) is because of a problematic neighbour. But, after those things were explained I managed to sort it out and I am feeling a lot less stressed.

Now…This neighbour. He is new, he is id say at least late 30’s and he is a drunk. I am the only girl in this building and he lives opposite me. It is very intimidating and I was practically terrified to leave the house encase I bumped into him. He is quite a character to say the least.

This diary best had help!

Basically, right now, I am just trying to get everything in order so I can start my week off right.

If that means I write stuff in a diary while watching random videos on youtube (whilst sat in the dark). The so be it!

Its just been a very long and confusing day, my mood has been up and down, I have attempted to do things and just given up very quickly, so its been difficult to decide what’s really going on for me.

Over all, today has been a bust. Nothing more to do than just try again tomorrow.





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