Assignment gone wrong….

I am currently in a library, attempting to do my “Planning a Research Project”, which is due on the 15th of this month (Friday), and it turns out the question that I was given and my tutor helped me write…IS WRONG!

I now have to spend the next hour trying to figure out a new question and starting all my research again. What an absolute nightmare!

I am going to have to pull an allnighter to even get anywhere near when I am now.

This is just exactly what I needed. MY anxiety levels are now through the roof and I don’t feel like I can function, which is just making my situation worse.

Screwed doesn’t even describe what I am right now.

To make matters worse, tonight is my last opportunity to actually use this library. It is closed due to the exams of those in university and I wont be able to get in as a guest anymore.


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