It begins…

What I am trying to do

I started on tumblr, and while that is still a great platform to blog with, I very much lost what I was trying to use it for. And basically ended up just reblogging photos and other posts that I found interesting or funny. So now I am starting again.

I am going to use this blog to properly document exactly what I do on a daily basis, and incorporate how my mental health issues both help and hinder who I am and what occurs. There very well may be some posts that seem like they don’t belong but we can just see how it goes and hope for the best!

Its very simple and very basic, but I think it can be quite an interesting experience, as the things that I do can seem odd and out of place to most people but to me they are normal. Its basically sort of an insight in to the world of Lauren.

I hope who ever reads this enjoys it and if it helps anyone along the way then its all the better.

Lauren x


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